All Aboard Storage Plans “Micro” Self-Storage

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Port Orange, FL – Local family-owned company, All Aboard Storage that specializes in self-storage in the Daytona Beach area, has once again pushed the limits of what was thought possible in the self-storage industry with new plans on the microscale – miniature storage.

If memory serves, last year All Aboard Storage broadened their horizons with the “Lunar Self-Storage Initiative” to complete construction of their storage units on the moon.

In recent news, however,  CEO Andy Clark announced a strategic push for his company to open one storage facility per year to keep expanding the reach of the All Aboard Storage brand. In light of this new development of micro-storage facilities, he commented:

“Being the leader in the self-storage arena comes with the expectation to always push the possibilities of what we can accomplish. With our lunar initiative and the grand scale of space, it only felt natural to consider the opportunities in the opposite direction on the nano-scale for self-storage.”

Storage units on the micro-scale you say? With current advances in technology, “nano-assets” as they are being called, have opened several new exciting fields for work occupations as well as breakthroughs in the travel industry. Considering these recent headlines, it makes sense:

  • Tesla Motors & Toyota Join Forces on MicroSUVs
  • Shortage of Nano-Pilots Met by Nano-Degrees
  • Human Lifespan Increases: Tiny Robot Doctors Hailed
  • Medical Field Revolutionized By Nano Doctors
  • Small Travel Booming in a Big Way
  • Innerspace Tops Travel 3 Years Running
  • UPS to Test Cellular Deliveries
  • 1 in 20 Nano-Commuting to Work

Where are people going to turn when they need to safely and securely store these nano-assets they’re using for work and play? People are already beginning to cry out for a place to put these valuables that include specialized robots, vehicles, tools, and now micro-toys whose equivalents are the boats & RVs in our macro world.

CFO of All Aboard Properties, Michael Polito, commented – “We want to be ahead of this next wave of customer demand. Running the numbers, the current self-storage market supports 7 square feet of storage space per person living in the area. On the small scale, the numbers shrink to 7 square micrometers per person which is very exciting. We could open 10 micro-depots in the span of a week that fit on the tip of your finger.”

Grain of sand on a fingertip

Public demand for all things small has exploded with shows like Tiny Houses, MicroPawn Stars, and even local tastes are changing with Krispy Kreme releasing tiny versions of their popular donuts that boast big taste:


While they aren’t releasing details on how storage auctions will work on the micro-scale, inside sources revealed the possibility of pocket units you could theoretically carry with you wherever you go.

Parent company All Aboard Properties, long known for its community service efforts, was (maybe not coincidentally) in the news for its successful efforts on the cleanup of the microscopic pollution spill near Port Orange. When asked how All Aboard was able to quickly deploy so many nano-assets to complete the cleanup CEO Andy Clark smiled and commented “We have several tools at our disposal and we always try to keep an ace in our pocket at all times.”

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