How to Store a Motorcycle

Living in the Daytona Beach area comes with the benefit of partaking in one of Daytona Beach’s most popular and cherished events, that being Daytona Beach Bike Week.

Thousands of bikers come down from all over the country either hauling their toys with them or taking their motorcycles out of their garages or indoor storage units.

I have spent over 10 years on a motorcycle and when I first started riding, someone passed along a few tips on how to store a motorcycle, which I’ll pass on to you. Now of course these storage tips will vary slightly since here in sunny Florida, we don’t need to worry about storing a motorcycle in the winter with our temperatures barely touching freezing for such a short period of time, but they should get you started.

Three Tips That I Find Most Important When Storing a Motorcycle:

1. Fuel System – Add fuel stabilizer like Sta-Bil for long-term storage of your motorcycle

Old gasoline tends to thicken up and get nasty quicker than it used to due to the ethanol that’s added as well as just having a short shelf life in general. The one thing that will help ensure that your fuel stays cleaner longer so it won’t clog your carburetor and jets is to add a fuel stabilizer such as the very popular Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer.

2. Battery – Use a battery tender trickle charger

You can leave your motorcycle for a short time without having to worry about a discharge of your battery, but once it starts getting low, those cranking amps can become worthless in no time. Make sure to leave your motorcycle on a battery tender to keep the battery trickle charged, so the next time you hit the starter button, you get that satisfying crank. Installing a charger lead makes it a breeze.

One of the most popular ones is the Deltran Battery Tender Plus which I’ve used for over 10 years with great success.

3. Keep the Juices Flowing – Give it a start and let it run for 5 minutes every so often

Sure you can lock your bike up and leave it, but don’t forget to show it some love every once in a while! About once a month, swing by, give it a start, and let it run for 5 minutes or so. This will ensure that all the right fluids are circulating and keeping things coated inside.

* Bonus tip – Squeaky Clean

The cleaner you keep your motorcycle in the first place, the nicer it will be next time you go to ride it. Not only will it be clean, the dirt won’t develop hard deposit that will use more of your elbow grease when it comes time to clean it again. Using a cover will keep the dust at bay.

Whether you’re using one of the many self-storage solutions such as a motorcycle storage shed, storing your motorcycle in a garage, or getting a cheap motorcycle storage unit from us here at All Aboard Storage, keep these tips in mind to give you the best riding experience possible when putting your motorcycle to sleep for the season.

One personal tip to leave you with when storing a motorcycle outside with a motorcycle cover, especially over the long term, is when uncovering your motorcycle, make sure to check for creepy crawlies! I had quite a large nest of black widow spiders take up residence that took a bit of cleaning to remedy.

If you’re worried about your investment since some of these rides can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, you might even want to consider motorcycle storage insurance.

There are also accessories that can help in maneuvering such as a motorcycle storage dolly.

And for those of you northerners that need more tips on storing your motorcycle in the winter, here’s a few videos to get you on the right track:

How to Store Your Motorcycle for Winter

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

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