Using a Storage Unit for Disasters Like Flooding

In states like Florida and California, natural disasters such as flooding can be a very real concern for a lot of people that might live in a flood-prone area.

Among the first things to look at when buying a house is to check flood maps such as FEMA Flood Maps to see if the house you’re looking at might be located in possible flood zones and what your flood risk is.

If you’re already in the situation where you own a house where you might have to deal with flood damage, you have a few options.

Make Sure Your Home Insurance Includes Home Flood Insurance

Many people think that just because their home insurance includes things like coverage for hurricanes or storm damage, they’re also covered for flood damage. This one little mistake can make a life-changing difference.

Make sure you’re covered for flood damage if a flood could be devastating for you. Flood insurance prices can vary by area so shop rates to find prices and coverage that’s right for you.

Put a Plan Together for a Flood Barrier and Have an Evacuation Plan.

If you have the option to prepare beforehand, such as what can happen with a slow-moving hurricane that might dump huge volumes of water on an area over a large period of time, then if you can, prepare beforehand.

Whether you can use flood barriers like sand bags, putting your belongings up high above the flood line, or if you live in a two story house and can move your personal items upstairs, get a plan together.

If you experience flooding and have damages, consider renting a storage unit to store your things until you can complete flood damage restoration.

Finally, if you find yourself in a weather disaster and need to repair your home, while you’re repairing the damage, you might want to move your possessions into a storage unit and out of the flood area.

Moving your things out of the disaster area will help preserve things that aren’t yet damaged and can also help make the repairing of your home faster since there will be less things to deal with.

We hope you never have to go through any of the possibilities on a natural disasters list, but if the need for secure storage arises, consider storing your things with us.

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