Best Lock for a Storage Unit


You’ve just finished storing your valuables into your self storage unit and now you want to make sure it’s as secure as you can get it.

What’s the best lock for a storage unit?

Obviously any security measure that will deter a would-be thief is the one that you want protecting your family’s treasured items. Your storage unit’s facility already has general security in place such as gates, cameras, security personnel etc., but what about the actual lock that will lock your individual storage unit?

There are several options at first thought you could consider for storage unit locks such as a combination lock or a padlock, but what you actually want to know is what’s the best security locks?

To jump right to the two best answers, the type of lock most often recommended as the best lock for a storage unit is the disc lock with a large shackle. The disc lock is similar to a padlock, except it has only a small area that’s open to cutting attacks such as the type that happen with bolt cutters and drills.

An even better option than disc locks is when you have the lock installed internally, which is a cylinder lock for a storage unit. This option is the most secure if you want to secure your valuables and should be used for the highest security.

So as an overview, there are several options to lock your storage unit such as:

  • Combination lock
  • Pad lock
  • Chain lock
  • Disc lock
  • Cylinder lock

But the first three options listed above are not recommended to keep your items secure.

Another question that comes up often is the best lock company? In all reality, the best locks are the ones that keep the criminals out and your valuables safe, so for me, that answer comes down to what’s effective and not necessarily what brand is best. So keep with the above recommendations in general.

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