Tips for Packing and Organizing Your Storage Unit

Woman sorting her belongings into different boxes and keeping organized by using a list.

If you’ve never used a storage unit, you might be surprised at the depth and utility it offers. It seems like a simple concept—more space just for you. But making the most of that space and the money you pay for it is nearly an art form.

The difference between a cluttered storage unit and a productive, efficient storage unit is the care you put into its packing and organization. At All Aboard Storage, we want to provide you with our best organizing tips to turn your storage space into a stress-free, organized place to keep your belongings.

Storage units are game changers when it comes to everyday living, and we want you to make the most of your unit!

1. More Space Is Better Than Less

It can be tricky to decide how much space you need to fit all your belongings in your storage unit. Our first tip is about finding what size unit would suit you best. If you’ve asked the question of what size storage unit do I need, then use All Aboard’s unit size guide to get an idea of what can fit in certain units.

We suggest renting a unit with more space than you think you’ll need. If you’re torn between two units of close but differing sizes, we recommend selecting the larger option. Not only does it provide you with more options for how and where to store your belongings, but you don’t need to commit to anything if it’s far more space than needed. Try out that storage unit for a month, and if it turns out you overestimated, most storage facilities will allow you to switch to another unit the following month.

This is much less frustrating than selecting the smaller option and learning too late that there’s not enough space. Then, you’ll have to haul your stuff to a new, larger unit or deal with it in your space for another month.

2. The Right Materials Make a Difference

A woman sitting on a bed with clothes and toys sorted into plastic bins in front of her.

Storage unit organization starts with the materials. Without sturdy boxes, Bubble Wrap, plastic bins, and the right packing materials for each occasion, it’s easy for your unit to become chaotic and unorganized.

If something is fragile, such as art pieces, instruments, or Christmas ornaments, carefully consider how you store them. Use tissues, foam, packing peanuts, or any other protective materials. With instruments, we recommend using a case with a hard protective shell.

Taking these proactive measures is imperative to ensure your belongings remain in the same condition you left them in. Additionally, our facilities offer packing supplies for sale to make your storage experience convenient.

3. Tips for Maximizing Space

It’s essential to make the most of the space you do have so you can get the most for your money. While there are many tricks and techniques you could discover, we want to enlighten you on what we believe are the most valuable tips.

Nest Items

To maximize your space, nest certain items inside of others. There’s the most practical approach of storing items within storage bins and boxes, but did you know you can also store items in vacant spaces in dressers, fridges, bookshelves, microwaves, and more?

We advise that if you take this approach, you’re careful not to damage anything. Also, create a rock-solid organizational system to reference so you can easily find what you’re looking for when you return to your unit.

Vertical Space

If you want organization tips for work, take our advice and use your vertical space. Don’t fall into the trap of believing you’re limited to whatever the floor can give you. Carefully stack crates, utilize shelving, and hang instruments or art wherever possible. Not only do you create more space for your things by taking advantage of all the vertical space, but you also leave more room to walk in and around your storage unit.

4. Create an Organization System

Three rows of color-coded boxes neatly sitting on a shelf.

To use a storage unit, you don’t necessarily need an organization system, but if you want to make the most of your space, you do. While you might be able to get by with a small unit and only a few belongings, if you plan on putting away any large quantity of items, especially if you nest those items together, we highly encourage you to adopt an organization system.

There are as many ways to organize a space as there are human minds, but here are a few go-to, time-tested practices that we feel can benefit most:

Take Advantage of Color Coding

This storage unit organization tip is tried and true. Organize your belongings by color-coding them into different categories. With so many colorful options, you can divide up and categorize your belongings in many different ways.

Some ways you could do this is with colored bins, colored tape on different boxes, or colored protective stuffing, so when you open a box, you know what kind of items will be found inside.

Just make sure you keep track of what color corresponds with what assigned items. This system does you no good if you can’t remember whether blue was for kitchen supplies or the child’s bedroom.

Keep Things Seasonal

Seasonal storage unit organization is a little more specific than color-coding but nearly as useful. The more seasonal decor you have, the more viable this organization method becomes.

Christmas and other winter holidays are the first categories you should make. Follow that with birthday supplies, Halloween, autumn decor, and so on. The easier each is to find, the less hassle it is to pull them out of storage when needed.

Change Your Situation With All Aboard

All Aboard Storage is one of the most reliable options for quality, affordable self storage units in Florida. Each of our facilities is outfitted with security features and storage professionals dedicated to maximizing your rental experience.

If you found our organization tips helpful and want to put them to the test, then we encourage you to find our nearest facility and get started. We’ve already provided a way to help you find the storage unit size you need so you can start right now.

Wait no longer. If you’ve felt cramped at work or home and need more space today, turn to All Aboard Storage for a practical solution!

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