Climate Controlled vs. Non-Climate Controlled Storage

What is the difference between a climate controlled storage unit vs non-climate controlled storage unit?

Depending on where you are in the country, the temperature inside a storage unit can vary greatly whether it’s extremely cold outside like up north or very hot outside like us here in Florida. This isn’t an issue if you’re storing things that aren’t affected by the heat or cold, but some items might be ruined or degraded over time if they’re exposed to the extremes.

What is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Here at All Aboard Storage, our indoor climate control storage units keep the indoor temperature at around a constant 78 degrees F and maintains a constant humidity level. So it’s like you’re getting an A/C in the summer, a heater in the winter and year-round a humidifier and dehumidifier to keep your things safe and comfortable.

Regular storage units that are not temperature-controlled are still protected from the elements like rain & wind and still have our security staff watching over it, but the temperature & humidity are not constant as with humidity controlled storage.

Why Climate-Controlled Storage?

There are many things that do not need climatized storage but here are some examples of things that would be better if not exposed to extremes:

  • Delicate wooden items – like antique furniture
  • Leather items – due to the nature of leather to absorb moisture
  • Appliances and electronics – heat and moisture can affect circuitry
  • Artwork – temperature swings and moisture are not friendly to paintings
  • Books – moisture and heat degrade paper
  • Antiques – very old items are most likely
  • Musical instruments – to preserve their quality
  • Wine – the flavor can change with heat swings
  • Photos – these degrade in heat

Like we said before in the previous post, anything that you absolutely wouldn’t want to risk losing, you shouldn’t be storing in a storage unit, but for things that you’re definitely storing and want to keep them in an optimal temperature, consider temperature-controlled storage units.

So if you were wondering do I need climate-controlled storage? Hopefully we’ve help you understand how climate controlled storage is different than non-climate controlled storage. Basically, if it’s something you feel safer storing at home with you due to the heat and humidity control, then storage units with climate control is for you.

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