How to Load a Moving Truck

You’ve packed all your things, started going down your checklists, but now you’re facing another challenge, and that’s how to load a moving truck.

Since you already have your things packed away in boxes, all there is left is packing a truck and getting it rolling to its destination.

There are many ways to pack a truck but we’ll highlight some tips here:

Start With Large Items First

One strategy is to start with the larger items first like furniture, desks, or beds, load them into the truck, and then fit things around and on top of and around them. This will create a nice foundation that won’t move around too much and might help brace other things.

Building Blocks – Build a wall

Another strategy that some people swear by is to first take all of your boxes and build a solid wall in the back thereby using up all of the space available.

Spread the Weight Evenly

Spreading the weight evenly over the entire load will help ensure that the truck isn’t leaning to one side. More importantly, though, it will help make sure that you don’t experience an avalanche of your things as you’re en-route.

Protect Large Fragile Items – Like Mirrors, Glass Table Tops, & Pictures

Some large items like glass tabletops can be a challenge to move since one wrong bump can shatter the entire item. Things like these can either be wedged in between soft mattresses, wrapped in blankets, or even boxed up if you have a large amount of cardboard and bubble wrap.

Disassemble Large Furniture

Some things can take up much more space when assembled like tables and desks. It’s possible to flip these upside down or maybe sideways, but the easiest way to handle large items like this is to disassemble them and reassemble them later. This will give you more options when packing furniture in a moving truck.

Load Couches Vertically

One thing you might not have thought of is orientation. Couches seem easier to load horizontally, but another way to give yourself a bit more space might be to put a couch on its side, filling in that much more vertical space.

Play Tetris With Space

Loading a moving truck is an art that you can also think of like a game of Tetris. Every possible space matters – like drawers in a desk or cubbies in a bookshelf. Those spaces inside furniture are valuable and can be used!

Secure Everything

The most important thing about transporting your things is making sure that nothing gets broken. Whether you protect things by using blankets as padding, straps to hold things together or down, or just situate your items properly, make sure to take that extra time to keep your things safe.

Call the Experts

The one last thing you could consider is if you want to take the easy way out, hire movers to load your truck.

There is no one best way to pack a moving truck, but there are some things not to do! Most of these are common sense but having helpful tips for packing a moving truck can go a long way toward having a successful move.

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