How to Pack for Moving & Packing Tips

Moving can be an exciting time in your life but also a stressful one. There are some things you can do to make moving into a new home less stressful and I’m here to give you tips on how to pack for moving.

I’ve condensed many of these down as small as possible to keep it short and sweet so this should give you a good overview, but here are a few good packing tips when you’re moving.

Pare Down Your Belongings into 3 Categories

  • Recycle / Donate
  • Throw Away
  • Keep

Organize Packing Supplies for Moving Beforehand

  • Moving boxes / packing boxes
  • Moving blankets
  • Markers & labels
  • Packing paper for moving (like newspaper & packing paper)
  • Packing tape & packaging supplies
  • Scissors

Pack Smart & Create a Moving Checklist

  • Documentation – create a moving checklist with box numbers, contents, rooms, and notes
  • Take photos of complicated setups like the back of a sound system, television, and other things you’d like to remember
  • Number your boxes with a marker and include the room on the box
  • Pack items from the same room into the same box
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes with lighter items on top and utilize every inch of space (think Tetris!)
  • Watch fragile items, wrap & pack with care
  • Balled up newspaper makes great padding to fill in the gaps

Disassembly of Large Items

  • Store hardware pieces in double zip-locked bags for later and organize according to room
  • Keeping tools with hardware to reassemble later will make it easier to put things back together

For even more great tips on how to pack when moving, you should check out this great post on Buzzfeed: 33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

A little organization can go a long way to make life so much easier if you just take a few of these simple tips for moving to heart and plan a little beforehand.

Also, check out this great video on “6 Moving Hacks You Should Know”:

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