Storing in the Sunshine State: Protecting Your Belongings From Florida’s Climate

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There’s a reason why everyone’s moving to Florida. What could be better than relaxing on the beach just an hour from world-class amusement parks? While your family may enjoy the gorgeous weather in the Sunshine State, there’s a chance your belongings may disagree. A drawback of living near Florida’s warm waters is the humidity that fills the air—and not just because it makes us sweat.

Families, business owners, and anyone who utilizes self storage units for a little additional space must be aware of the possible damage your belongings could incur if they are not kept in climate-controlled storage. As a case study, we’ll look at the climate in Ormond Beach, FL, which is one of the best places to raise a family in popular Volusia County, and dive into the what, why, and how of climate-controlled storage in Florida.

What’s So Bad About Florida Humidity, Anyway?

The problem with Florida’s perpetually humid weather isn’t so much the water in the air as what it can cause. From June to September, the humidity in Ormond Beach is high, with an average dew point above 80%. Aside from forcing Floridians to stay hydrated, extreme temperatures and humid conditions combine to cause potential damage to various materials, including metal, wood, and clothing. We will further explain how Florida’s climate can impact these substances.

Black and blue mold covers a wooden surface.

Beyond causing direct destruction, the damp environment creates a prime ecosystem for mold and mildew to thrive. For these microorganisms to prosper, they need food, moisture, and a place to grow that provides these essentials. While you and I may enjoy feasting on delicious foods, indoor mold prefers to get nutrients from natural materials like wood and cotton. Mold spreads microscopic spores through the air to hunt for a spot that offers these conditions, and once it finds it, it multiplies incredibly quickly and creates a colony.

How To Protect Belongings in Humid Conditions

Moving to a serene, family-oriented town like Ormond Beach can be an excellent choice—but don’t underestimate any storage-related decisions you’ll have to make. If you want to rent long-term storage in Florida, you should do so strategically. To give yourself peace of mind, you’ll want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, which will help you safeguard your things with a layer of protection.

Climate-Controlled Storage vs. Regular Storage

Though the average rental prices for climate-controlled storage units are only 25% more than their standard counterparts, their benefits in geographic regions with extreme temperatures are significant. Climate-controlled storage is kept within a stable temperature range year-round, so belongings never get too hot or cold. Many storage facilities even offer moisture-control capabilities.

When it comes to Florida, it is essential to stay one step ahead of the heat, which will, in turn, reduce humidity. As air is cooled, water droplets are squeezed out of it. Maintaining cool temperatures reduces the level of moisture in the air and curbs the growth of mold, which requires an environment above 60% humidity to survive. Combining air conditioning and dehumidification will help create the best environment possible for your storage.

Fans blowing as part of an air conditioning and cooling system for a building.

What Items Need To Be Stored in Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Florida?

As you begin weighing the pros and cons between climate-controlled and standard units in Florida, it’s vital to know how heat and humidity affect your more sensitive belongings. With an average high temperature of 88° F during the summer months, August in places like Ormond Beach can be particularly brutal to your things. If you plan on storing items made from the following materials, you should consider climate control to help protect your things.


Aside from the warping and cracking that can be caused by heat and humidity, wood is an organic material that can be easily damaged by mold if kept in a consistently damp environment. When left unchecked, wooden items can lose their structural integrity due to being broken down by mold, eventually becoming unsalvageable.


From paintings to documents, paper-based possessions may be taking up space in your home or business. However, when storing them, they may be at risk of yellowing, warping, curling, and growing mold if the unit is not kept dry and cool like in climate-controlled storage.

Metal and Electronics

Don’t be fooled by the impenetrable appearance of metal belongings. Florida heat can potentially melt essential components of various electronics and appliances. Additionally, mold enjoys feeding on paint and dust, and mold growth and high humidity levels can cause the metal to rust.

Sensitive Fabrics

Think twice before storing your wedding dress in a non-climate-controlled storage unit. From upholstery to linens, textiles are inherently absorbent and will soak up moisture in the air, which makes stored fabrics vulnerable to shrinkage and deterioration from mold growth.

Musical Instruments and Vinyl Records

For musical possessions, pristine condition is imperative to keeping pianos in tune and preserving record grooves, so keep them shielded in climate-controlled storage. Cracking and material breakdowns from extreme temperatures can lead to irreparable damage.

Help Defend Your Storage From Florida Weather With All Aboard Storage

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