Using Self Storage for Your Lawn Care Business

For business owners just starting a lawn care business, you might ask yourself what are my options for storage of my lawn mower and all of my lawn care equipment?

The only real viable options include storing your lawn care business equipment either in your garage, in a riding lawn mower storage shed, or what some people who want more freedom do – using a storage unit for your lawn care equipment.

Reasons to Use a Self-Storage Unit for Your Lawn Care Business:

  1. More cost effective than renting an office space for your landscaping business
  2. Storage units free up valuable space in your home garage
  3. Climate-controlled storage units offer more flexibility compared to a garage
  4. Security with surveillance and personnel
  5. A few lawn care business tips that might make you consider a storage unit strategy for your business

Cost Effective

While some lawn care business owners rent or lease commercial space to house all of their equipment, others instead decide to go with a local self storage company to store all of their valuable tools & equipment. Since a lot of people start small in terms of expenses, they don’t need an office and can run everything either from home or on the go. Today’s wireless technology can free you up making you more mobile which in terms makes your landscaping business mobile.

Free Up Garage Space

Let’s face it, garage space comes at a premium and if you’re using your garage for your lawn care business, your workable space disappears rapidly. Why not rent a lawn mower storage unit that can keep everything in one place and if you decide to go with a larger unit, you’ll have to ability to store your entire trailer with the ease to hook up and go as you please.

More Flexibility with Climate Control

If you use chemicals that need more temperature regulation or if you’re storing valuable garden or lawn seeds, getting a climate-controlled self-storage unit might be the right play for you. For long-term viability, the preferred method for how to store seeds involves the three main components that cause seeds to spoil: light, heat, and moisture. With climate control, you can rest assured your investment is protected.


You’ve invested a good deal in your livelihood as a lawn care business owner. Storing your lawn equipment at your house can possibly be risky when it comes to security. One great thing about storing your lawn equipment with a storage company is that security is built in with gates, security cameras, and personnel whereas your home might not offer the same level of protection.

If you’re in the Daytona Beach, FL area and you run or are starting a lawn mowing business, do yourself a favor and rent a self storage unit with All Aboard Storage. We’d be happy to have you.

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