Why Self Storage Unit Insurance is Important

When storing your valuables at a local self-storage facility, one important thing to keep in mind is why insurance for storage units is important.

All Aboard Storage requires all customers to have some form of self-storage insurance to cover their rental unit. This insurance can be in a form you can purchase through us from a company we partner with, or you can also provide proof of insurance from your personal home owner’s insurance.

Insurance is never a fun subject, but one that’s extremely important to protect you.

If a situation arises where one customer breaks the rules and stores things they were not supposed to and something like a fire breaks out, your valuables could be in danger. Some things that could possibly happen could include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Customer negligence
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Toxic chemical spill
  • Natural events such as hurricanes or tornadoes

We’re not in the insurance business. That’s not the product that we specialize in which is why we only partner with an insurance company to offer competitive rates and encourage you to bring in proof of coverage from your home owner’s insurance to get around that extra fee. We’re in the business of being the caretaker of what you value, so making sure every customer is covered is our central priority.

Do I Need Storage Unit Insurance?

For some local self-storage facilities like All Aboard Storage, it’s automatically required, but if your storage company doesn’t require it, we highly recommend that you get some form of storage unit insurance coverage or you’re running a risk that you don’t need to.

Does Home Owner’s Insurance Cover Storage Units?

You might already be covered if you have home owner’s insurance. Since all insurance policies are different, we can’t tell you if your policy covers your things at a storage facility. You’ll need to check with your insurance company.

Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Storage Units?

Since all insurance policies are different, we can’t tell you if your renter’s insurance covers storage units. Again, you need to check with your insurance company.

Protect What you Value

You cover your car, your home, & your life so if you’re storing things that you value, make sure they’re covered from loss.

We care about every customer which is why we take this seriously. Come in and talk to us sometime. We’re happy to help you.

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